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Boathouse Bay

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"Boathouse Bay" a one of a kind collage, shows the contrast between the rustic, weathered background and the sharp, clear image of the boathouses. The background, with its peeling paint, rust stains, and rough surfaces, speaks to the passage of time and the beauty found in decay. This juxtaposition is masterfully executed, creating a dialogue between the past and the present, the old and the new.

The boathouses themselves are serene and still, reflected perfectly in the water below. This serene scene within the frame of industrial decay creates a poignant narrative. The boathouses are not merely buildings; they are guardians of memories, standing resilient against the backdrop of inevitable change. The reflections in the water add a layer of symmetry and calm, suggesting a mirror to the soul, a place where memories and dreams are quietly held.

The use of found objects, such as the three rusted circular elements, adds an additional layer of meaning and texture. These objects, integrated seamlessly into the piece, evoke a sense of history and connection to the physical world. They anchor the artwork, providing a tactile element that invites the viewer to ponder their origin and significance.