The Art Of LuAnn Ostergaard

Whispering Waters

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"Whispering Waters" captures the serene elegance of a hidden forest pond, where light dances on the rippling surface and lush greenery whispers secrets of nature's tranquility. The delicate interplay of shadows and reflections creates a harmonious balance, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the peaceful, meditative beauty of this enchanting scene.

Choose from custom box mounted pieces or archival prints suitable for framing.

BOX MOUNTED PIECES are available. The archival print is mounted to a custom, handcrafted cradle frame. Hand textured with clear acrylic for a brushstroke finish and UV protection. Ready to hang.

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS on fine art cotton fiber paper using pigment inks for maximum long-term archival quality. Limited edition of 50 in each size.

Custom sizes available by request on all prints and ready to hang pieces. Multi-panel pieces can be created from the artwork to fit a specific space.