The Art Of LuAnn Ostergaard

Rustic Tapestry

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"Rustic Tapestry" melds the allure of the ancient with a tactile intimacy, evoking landscapes shaped by time. The vibrant interplay of rust-like textures and enigmatic patterns crafts a visual narrative of endurance and transformation. This piece whispers tales of forgotten ages, making the viewer ponder the impermanence of art and nature alike. It's a profound reminder of beauty in transience.

Choose from custom box mounted pieces or archival prints suitable for framing.

BOX MOUNTED PIECES are available. The archival print is mounted to a custom, handcrafted cradle frame. Hand textured with clear acrylic for a brushstroke finish and UV protection. Ready to hang.

LIMITED EDITION PRINTS on fine art cotton fiber paper using pigment inks for maximum long-term archival quality. Limited edition of 50 in each size.

Custom sizes available by request on all prints and ready to hang pieces. Multi-panel pieces can be created from the artwork to fit a specific space.