Art Festivals

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Art Festivals

I have participated in art festivals and fairs for eight years. The first time I applied I had to borrow Pro-Panels from a fellow artist to create a ‘Booth Shot’, required to apply to the juried art festivals.  I set the panels up in my front yard with my art hung in them and created a ‘Booth Shot’ photo.  After my very first festival, The Bellevue Art Museum Art Fair and Festival, I was able to buy my own Pro-Panels I had so many sales!  It was exhilarating and validating as an artist to have success right off.

I only apply to juried shows, and the competition is fierce! Many shows get thousands entries and only 200 artists are selected. I have talked to jewelry makers who have applied for 12 years in a row and not gotten in. These are the ‘Top 25’ best shows in the country and artists know there is a lot of gallery and art consultant connections – and money to be made in them!


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