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For the booth, a RAIN-proof tent ( I say this because one year it rained very hard overnight, I had art pre-hung in the booth and I lost half of my inventory to water damage before the show had even begun- heartbreaking!) is the first to be set up and sometimes needs to be creatively shimmed on uneven ground and staked or weighted for potential wind.  Large, unwieldy Pro-Panels to hang the art on are then set up, lighting system hung, commerce table with all supplies (you don’t want to forget any of these items or you’ll be looking for...

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I have participated in art festivals and fairs for eight years. The first time I applied I had to borrow Pro-Panels from a fellow artist to create a ‘Booth Shot’, required to apply to the juried art festivals.  I set the panels up in my front yard with my art hung in them and created a ‘Booth Shot’ photo.  After my very first festival, The Bellevue Art Museum Art Fair and Festival, I was able to buy my own Pro-Panels I had so many sales!  It was exhilarating and validating as an artist to have success right off. I only...

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