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I have been as far as Scottsdale AZ and Sausalito CA for Art Fairs. I found it to be incredibly stressful driving that far (and back) doing the long hours of the show , sometimes 10 am to 9 pm, and the amount of money spent on hotels, food and gas.  I only do shows I’m juried into in Portland, Seattle and Salem now.  We don’t take vacations during the year, so we consider the art festivals ‘working vacations’ and that justifies money spent on nicer hotels and fine food to pamper ourselves from all of the hard work- and...

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The shows are usually in the summer so the weather can be hot even early in the morning. You hope you are able to park, temporarily, fairly close to your booth (If not, you carry or cart everything from a distance to your booth, with many back and forth trips).  I am so grateful my husband, Michael and son help me set up, it would be a daunting task without them.  They can also relieve me and watch my booth while I  get something to eat or take a break, which is essential to staying on top of your game...

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I have participated in art festivals and fairs for eight years. The first time I applied I had to borrow Pro-Panels from a fellow artist to create a ‘Booth Shot’, required to apply to the juried art festivals.  I set the panels up in my front yard with my art hung in them and created a ‘Booth Shot’ photo.  After my very first festival, The Bellevue Art Museum Art Fair and Festival, I was able to buy my own Pro-Panels I had so many sales!  It was exhilarating and validating as an artist to have success right off. I only...

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