Life of an Artist

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Life of an Artist

Imagine heading into your art studio to create works of art. You are there every day, I mean every day, with coffee in hand - in the studio with your thoughts, ideas and plans - that spark of inspiration for the next great piece of art you hope to create.

Paint brushes in the sink, straight rulers on the kitchen table, artwork lined up in the hallway, staged for the next art show. Holidays, weekends and down-time are meaningless, you are an artist and your life’s work is all that matters. You were born artist and it is your purpose in life and your life’s work. You can do nothing else.

Available to you is one hundred and fifty paint brushes; every kind of paper, pencil, pastel and paint. Boards, canvas,  metals, hammers, screwdrivers, saws. Adhesives, tape, and fasteners, everything you will need to create something new the world has never seen before.

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